28 days

The Lunar Declinations




18.5 years



   Every 28 days the Moon’s declination follows the sine wave in the graph rising and falling. The horizontal lines are the declinations of your planets in the natal and each is triggered as the Moon moves through its declinations. Most of these parallels are barely felt in the ‘civilised world’, a Sun driven world of collateral gains and success. Levi had noticed, on his long journeys through lands of,  so called, primitive people,  that they ran by instincts shaped by the moons declination.

   He knew that every aspects of planets in the Zodiac fed energy to the nativity; [possibly by homeopathic vibrations in our water], charging us with the appropriate energy to be things.  But he noticed that the natives seemed to flow with the parallels, to do things perhaps more animal; no not animal, more natural, releasing  this stored energy back into the world.

   But perhaps he had a flash ie  we do magic with aspects, ie adorn our temple with specific colours,  odours, words and the time of the event so we may charge ourselves with our desired planetary energy as if filling a Cup. Solomon’s works have the magician as a cup bearer.

  So to release our cup of energy with the parallel; to heal, to enrich or whatever, we have the gubbins and the time of the event . Pour your cup or maybe a wand.

    An eclipse can be used as a cleansing ie.  Conjunction=energy in + parallel= energy out. The effect is not unlike breezy wind blowing through your body; delicious. All the planets declinations do the same movements, up and down, but more slowly, their effect can last for years.

The Sun becomes the torch above the head; the Moon become the horns; the Dragons Head gives the wings; Jupiter becomes the breasts; Uranus becomes the Ureaus and something becomes the scales. The hidden section representing your good self finishes the vertical part and we can go on to your good self’s mortal coil.

If the Baphomet spooks you, try blinking at the inverted one, it should neutralise any strange effects.

  At the top for the Sun exalted at 19° he chose a flaming torch. Just as the crown of Adam Kadmon  is above his body and the body depends from it, so with the torch. It is above the body and the body depends or rather is created by the exalted Sun. (The 9th of April 1904, Cairo, the Sun was exalted as Aleister Crowley received the second Book of the Law. This has given some the idea that the second book is solar, Hadit, now; with the 1st and 3rd books as the past and future) however I digress.

 Next we have the Moon at 3° of Taurus, he chose the ‘horned moon’. Useful for a goat.

‘The Dragons Head’ is next exalted at 3° of Gemini, for this he chose the wings of the Dragon. A winged goat?

  Jupiter is exalted in Cancer at 15°. The full breasts of a mother or mother to be are symbols of the bounty represented by Jupiter in Cancer. The scales on the chest and the wings  and the horns are, as you may have noticed all water and lunar

  Uranus is exalted in Leo at 19°. (This was true in Levis’ time when Saturn ruled Aquarius.) The Ureaus wand has its gem at the Solar plexus. This is possibly a nod to more than the seven holy planets, although I believe he kept it to the seven for this panjandrum.

  Virgo is tricky, now we have Chiron at 14° but back then Mercury was exalted at ­15°. To meet his symbol of a scaled belly, Crowley mentions Mercury as a quick-silvered flash of a fish in a stream in the Book of Thoth. But this doesn’t  quite fit.

   To me, because of the 4 signs showing the Moon I see the pregnant belly of the dragon and the next 6 signs show the secret development of her child, who seems to be young miss Saturn; for is it not said ‘Binah is the primordial root of matter, but the development of matter is not found till we arrive at Malkuth, the material universe. Binah links with Malkuth as the root with the fruit. This is indicated in the Yetziratic text of Malkuth, in which it says: “She sitteth upon the throne of Binah.”’ Dion Fortune^


   This mystery plays out with Saturn exalted in Libra at the start of the 4 and at the end, ruling in Capricorn, or on the throne. Mostly hidden from view. Secret? or Occult?


    In a strange way it says that we, the second half of the Zodiac, are the product -Malkuth - mostly hidden from view -of the first half of the Zodiac (you must remember that this was mostly Qabalah times and the formulae then was critical. But now we must dress the goat.

 The figure he would use would be something that all god fearing Catholics would turn away from instantly. A GOAT. He went further. To make a superior creature he chose the exalted planets as the main part of his armature.

 Alphonse Louis Constant, who would be later known as Eliphas Levi, was born in France about 1810. When he demonstrated ‘unusual intelligence’ at an early age it got him on the foundation of Saint Sulpice and he did very well until his holding of opinions contrary to the RC church led him wrong, and this is where the story really starts.

  He obtained permission to do a study of the worlds religions and faiths and beliefs. This caused such relief for his brethren as he would be away a long time. Little did they know.

What he apparently discovered left him with a problem. How to tell the church that the stars do guide us, not the romanised antics of an anti-usury fanatic who died to save our shekelled souls.  If he released this newly rediscovered information he would be castigated, and back then that wasn’t very nice.

Eliphas Levi, as he was now being called, besides pondering his problem, visited a necromancy convention in London. At the same time a man called Edgar Allen Poe was noted to be in London. There is no record of them meeting but when Levi returned home his problem seemed to be less so and hiding in plain sight (purloined letter?) appeared to be a way. As the information was astrological it can be a set of symbols, now he needed a scaffold to hang  them on. He may have seen that illuminated Irish manuscript ‘The Book of Hours’ where two figures have the symbols of the Zodiac draped down their bodies.  i.e.

  During this period of uncertainty known as ‘Neptune in Pisces’, I present an item of interesting facts, posits and truths which may give you cause to think again.

Let’s Build A Baphomet

To original specs.

   Levi is accredited by some with much to do with the Tarot and Waite's version holds well. The Two of Disks carries the motif of the Declinations,  infinity.

   Levi even shows who would use these Lunar skills; The Magician and the animal handler.     

   The bright Moons rule by Cancer and the dark Moon’s fall in Capricorn only occur at the Major Standstill. Just previous and just after this occurrence the Moons are in Gemini and Sagittarius respectively.


    Because of  the tilt of the moon we have.

1- the Major Standstill.  and  2- the Minor Standstill..

The time between this maximum and minimum position of the moons orbit is about 9.5 years and any planets between these positions, 1&2 may have to wait nye on 18 yrs for the Moon to reach them. As a consequence, at this moment in time * Putin’s power planets have a couple more years before the Moon releases his power.  

   The planets in the section between the 2’s always has the Moons trigger monthly.


72 will not be triggered if their declination is higher than the moon.

So how does it all fit together.

An update wouldn’t work astrologically or would it?

^  The Mystical Qabalah

*    01:01:2019.

   A fulfilling Saturnalia to you all