Planet groups Talismans

Sun Moon

The feeling of happiness, kindness or a good heart. Spirit and soul, vitality and feeling, a harmonious situation, inner balance. A good outcome.

Sun Mercury

A clear mind, understanding and knowledge. Success in business. Young people.

Sun Venus

The feelings of love, artistic nature. Physical love, popularity.

Sun Mars

The power of attainment, ambition. The will to live, overstrain.

Sun Jupiter

Health, joy, the will to expand, creative power, advancement in life.

Sun Saturn

Separation, perseverance, inhibition, modesty.

Sun Uranus

A sudden turn in life, reformer, rebel, innovator.

Sun Neptune

Impressionability, an active imagination, self deception, illness.

Sun Pluto

The striving for power, sudden advancement in life, arrogance.

Moon Mercury

Perception, good judgement, thinking influenced by feeling.

Moon Venus

Feelings of love, artistic talent, mothers.

Moon Mars

Openness and frankness, excitement, impulsiveness.

Moon Jupiter

The feeling of happiness, kindness or a good heart, social successes.

Moon Saturn

Self control, a sense of duty, thrift.

Moon Uranus

 Individualism, female reformists, emotional tensions.

Moon Neptune

Inspiration, mediums, subconscious phenomena.

Moon Pluto

An extremely emotional life or an extreme expression of feeling, impulsive actions, psychometric gifts.

Mercury Venus

Authors and writers, thoughts of love, artistic successes, grace, merriment, a light-hearted nature.

Mercury Mars

A critic, rashness or premature action. Powers of thought. Skill or dexterity, love of argument or discussion.

Mercury Jupiter

The feeling of happiness, kindness or a good heart. Spirit and soul, vitality and feeling, a harmonious situation, inner balance. A good outcome. Optimism, sound common sense.

Mercury Saturn

A love of tidiness, logical thinking. Depth of thought, a conservative attitude.

Mercury Uranus

Intuition, a talent for speaking. Upset and excitement.

Mercury Neptune

Intuitive thinking, actors. The desire to plan or map things out in advance.

Mercury Pluto

The art of persuasion, crafty subtlety. Good powers of observation.

Venus Mars

Passion, sensuality, artistic creativity. People in love, excitability.

Venus Jupiter

Attractive personality, popularity. laziness, grace, tact.

Venus Saturn

A sense of reality, reserve. Self-control, jealousy.

Venus Uranus

Eccentricity, rhythm and musical talents. Popularity.

Venus Neptune

Art and music, mysticism. Illusion, indecision.

Venus Pluto

Strong power of attraction, intense relationships.

Mars Jupiter

The joy of living, pride, ambition. Agreements, contracts, a sense of honour.

Mars Saturn

Endurance, pig-headedness. The tendency to get hurt or injured.

Mars Uranus

Revolutionaries, mechanics. Brutal frankness, quick determination, courage.

Mars Neptune

Irritability, connections with water or with navigation. Inspirations, help at the right time.

Mars Pluto

Athletes. Great self-confidence and ambition. Prosthetics,

Jupiter Saturn

Patience, self-confidence. Diplomacy, politicians.

Jupiter Uranus

Optimism. philosophical interests. A sudden change of destiny.

Jupiter Neptune

Mysticism, speculation. Gain without effort, the wrong diagnosis.

Jupiter Pluto

Organisers handling large projects. The desire for power, The qualities of leadership. Conflicts with the authorities.

Saturn Uranus

Violent people, rebellion. Perseverance and endurance, will power.

Saturn Neptune

Self-restraint, foresight. Taking care of others, insecurity.

Saturn Pluto

A martyr, reactionaries. Magicians and adepts.

Uranus Neptune

Inner vision, psychic research. Long journeys, peculiar inclinations.

Uranus Pluto

Revolution. The process of transformation.

Neptune Pluto

Revolution. The supernatural, self-knowledge. Occultists and mediums.